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Aluminum Side Case Set

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The Side Case Set is perfect for taking all the gear you need for a long weekend in choice of silver or black. The left side case holds 45 liters (11.9 gallons) and the right side case holds 37 liters (9.8 gallons). Go prepared for your next adventure.
  • Fits V-Strom 650 '12-'16
  • Removable Mount Set gives your Side Cases the option of being readily removable with the simple twist of the quick release buttons/screws.
  • Side Case Carrier Set (Removable Mount): 990D0-11J00-065
  • Side Case Installation Kit (Removable Mount): 990D0-11J00-067
And the following:
  • Top Case Carrier Plate: 990D0-11J00-060
  • 4-Piece Lock Set: 990D0-ALLOK-0B4
Note: When installing both a Aluminum Top Case in conjunction with the Aluminum Side Case Sets, the 6-Piece Lock Set: 990D0-ALLOK-0A6 is required instead of the 2-Piece and/or 4-Piece Lock Sets as mentioned. (This only applies if both a Top Case and Side Case Sets are both installed.)

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Aluminum Side Case Set - Silver Set
product # 990D0-ALSCB-NAR
Aluminum Side Case Set - Black Set
product # 990D0-ALSCE-NAR
Aluminum Side Case Set - Carrier Set
product # 990D0-11J00-065
Aluminum Side Case Set - Installation Kit
product # 990D0-11J00-067
Aluminum Side Case Set - Top Case Carrier Plate
product # 990D0-11J00-060
Aluminum Side Case Set - 4-Piece Lock Set
product # 990D0-ALLOK-0B4
Aluminum Side Case Set - 6-Piece Lock Set
product # 990D0-ALLOK-0A6